Chaos, Compromise, Conflict, Confusion, Controversy, Criticism, Diversity/Differences, Enemies, Excuses, Failure, Finances, Greed, Insanity, Judgment/Prejudice, Loss, Oppression, Order/Organization, Overwhelm, Pain/Hurt, Problems/Obstacles, Sacrifice, Strategy/Planning, Stress, Stubbornness, Suffering, Surrender, Survival, Tolerance, Trying, War

Life does not suddenly give you lemons, you must plant a lemon tree & water it first.
- Trevor Thomas
When procrastination is present, so is dishonesty.

- Matthew Thomas
War [is] always about economics, one of the few things that Marx had gotten right… They have it. We want it. Let's get it… War is never rational.

- Tom Clancy
Never let defeat have the last word.

- Tibetan proverb
Our pain supports many of our interpretations of life, other people, ourselves and our role in life. By letting go of the pain we gain the opportunity to shift our interpretations.

- Kyle Mercer
Behind every struggle is an awareness that is waiting to come forth, an awareness that will wake you up to life, joy and aliveness. This is the path.

- Kyle Mercer


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