Ambition, Attitude, Challenge, Commitment, Courage, Determination, Effort, Focus/Goals, Inspiration/Motivation, Laziness/Boredom,
Passion/Enthusiasm, Perseverance, Willpower, Vision

I wanted to be alert, present, and adaptable, so god made me a klutz. I wanted to be social, confident, and entertaining, so god made me an introvert. I wanted to be perfect, so god made me human.

- Matt Thomas
If you can’t change your fate, change your attitude.

- Chinese Proverb
Human beings rarely ever fail, they just stop trying.

- Dan Millman
When procrastination is present, so is dishonesty.

- Matthew Thomas
When you are gone, let the world be dimmed by your absence, so that others will take notice and turn up their own lights to compensate.

- Trevor Thomas

Go over, go under, go around, or go through… but never give up.
- Anonymous


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