Journey Inward ~ Planner

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This handheld Life Planner will help you find your inspiration, plan your goals & achieve your dreams!

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The Journey Inward ~ Planner is a revolutionary new tool created to help you identify, manifest and experience the life of your dreams! Designed to be used throughout the year, the Planner provides you with ongoing inspiration, resources and support around your short and long-term goals. A user-friendly format and step-by-step process allows you to move through each section seamlessly as you begin your journey (excerpt).

It also ties in with our Journey Inward ~ Planner Community, where you can connect with other Planner users online and get ongoing support around your personal growth goals!

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 7.5 × 1.5 in



2 reviews for Journey Inward ~ Planner

  1. TheJourneyInward

    “A helpful, hopeful tool… For someone like me who’s big on ideas & short on organizational skills, the planner feels like hope. It’s like having a coach with me to help keep me inspired and focused. Thank you for creating this helpful tool!” ~ Jannirose F.

  2. TheJourneyInward

    “Delightful! I love this little book. It’s filled with thoughtful questions and organized in a way that helps me prioritize what’s REALLY important in my life, rather than what’s just urgent. I highly recommend this planner to those seriously interested in making real strides in realizes their goals and dreams!” ~ Elizabeth C.

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