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I’ve attended many events events where I’ve had amazing, transformative experiences. Then I’d go back home and begin to feel isolated and unsupported, lose touch with other participants, fall back into old self-destructive habits, and I’m suddenly right back where I started.” sig
~ Trevor Thomas, Founder

There are countless people striving to stay committed to their personal growth & connected to their own potential, but ultimately failing without good support in place to keep them moving towards their goals.

Until Now.


The Journey Inward is a FREE Online Community where you can find inspiration and get ongoing support from like-minded individuals and groups who are interested in self-discovery and improvement.

We are creating a community of people who are interested in going within. This is a place where people can contribute and benefit from the lessons of their peers; where introspective people can feel like they belong; where people can find other like-minded individuals to connect with, and get support on whatever they’re working on. Have philosophical discussions; join a group around health, or facing your fears, or relationships; find a friend who will hold them accountable to their commitments to themselves… 

In short, this is a place where we can all journey inward, together.

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We’re building a place where you can connect with like-minded individuals to get support with your personal growth! If you’re interested in or inspired by this, please help us build a place where we can all be supported on our own journey inward.



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  • Detach from my abusive family - Completed: 02/09/2018
  • kug ouyg;iu gulygh - Completed: 05/31/2016

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