Your group members will feel INSPIRED, get MOTIVATED & stay CONNECTED with their goals around your group content!

The Journey Inward is an online hub of personal growth where members can connect with like-minded people around their interests, benefit from the support of their peers & create lasting change in their lives.

ANYONE can create a group on The Journey Inward around any area of interest, utilize the tools & resources built into the community & invite others to join their group: Whether you have a group on an existing platform, or you have an idea for a new group you’d like to create & open up to the Journey Inward community, we’ll help you create, run & grow your group from start to finish.

  • Interact with & grow your outreach simply & easily (gives you an active, self-sustaining community of “primed,” dedicated consumers for new products or events)
  • Works for many types of events/programs (teleconferences, courses, workshops, webinars, live/online events, retreats, support/study groups, masterminds & more)
  • Can be a huge upgrade from a Facebook group (passive, unfocused, difficult to market to)


  • Training ~ Learn how to create/run any kind of group (mastermind, support, etc.)
  • Video Chat ~ Integrated free group ZOOM rooms (for lessons, check-ins, masterminds, etc.)
  • Inspiring Content ~ View/add group inspiration by category
  • Self-Improvement Tools ~ Group goal tracking, planning, completion, sharing & more
  • Connection ~ Members can connect with experts/peers for support & accountability
  • Group Forum ~ Members can get support from you (&/or your coaches) or each other around your custom topics
  • Mass Messaging ~ Send updates to your entire group any time (new products, group events, ZOOM calls, etc.)
  • Admins/Moderators ~ Add coaches and/or staff to your community as group leaders or forum support


Anyone visiting can see your group “sales page” to find out more about your group, & help grow your membership:

  • Details ~ Group logo, description, “features” (ZOOM room, forum, etc.), reviews & “join group” direct link (or email contact link)
  • Category/Type ~ Search groups by Type (Mastermind, Support, etc.), Category (relationships, health, etc.) or custom Tags
  • Listing Page ~ Page layout includes minimal branding, so you can more easily include it in your community marketing strategy (example)
  • Sharing ~ Share your listing on social media, etc.


All your group members will have access to these tools & capabilities:

  • Goal-Planner ~ Set goals & reminders, track your progress & share your achievements (in the community & on social media)
  • Inspiration ~ Post/comment on inspiring content (share public posts, comments & activity on Social Media)
  • Support ~ Find support from peers, coaches & admins in group/community forums (& the Help Center)
  • Rewards ~ Get rewarded (points, levels, badges & store discounts!) for goal/course progress, group/community activity, sharing & supporting each other


You & your group members can set up your own profiles with these features:

  • About ~ Bio, photo, cover image, social media links & Areas of Interest
  • Site Content ~ Showcase group listings, forum topics, posts, comments & friends (add your products/rewards to the store)
  • Connection ~ “Friend” members for direct messaging, live chat & other community features
  • Followers ~ “Follow” experts/members for activity updates
  • Sharing ~ Share your profile on social media, etc.
Joing these FREE ongoing support calls to learn how to create/run groups, troubleshoot tech issues & generally use this site:


  • App ~ Members can participate in groups through our App
  • Paid Groups ~ Charge members to be a part of your group(s)
  • E-Courses ~ Create/sell your Online Courses on The Journey Inward
  • Micro-Communities ~ Create a Members Area using sub-groups
  • Expert/Coach Profiles ~ Showcase your products/services on your profile
  • Moderator Rewards ~ Reward members for group management & moderation
  • Virtual Events ~ Host your virtual events on The Journey Inward
  • Training Programs ~ Create Training Certification Programs for your members
  • Podcasts ~ Add your podcast to the site for members to subscribe to
  • Journaling ~ Members can journal about their experiences along the way


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