Eventually you have to take a stand. You have to make a declaration, and risk being wrong.

I had a radio show once. On the radio, you can’t tailor your comments to your audience, there’s no way to judge how something will be received.

This changes the level of commitment you have to your words… I had to speak my truth out into the airwaves and take responsibility for what I believe, letting go of trying to control anyone’s judgments about me based on my words. It was a scary, and liberating experience.

Once I was done, I realized that there is a power in declaring my beliefs, a form of integrity that makes me more myself, and at the same time a sense of freedom in the realization that (once I expressed them) these beliefs only defined who I WAS, not who I COULD BE.

Stating what you believe is a way of taking responsibility for yourself, and simultaneously letting go of responsibility for how others view you.

When you own your beliefs, they can no longer own you.


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