Create a “Belief Board” or make a list of your beliefs, and post them somewhere that others can see them (as a reply to this blog, for instance). You can always change them later, but you can never take them back once you have declared them. There is a power in that, and a freedom. Give yourself this gift.

Questions to help you create your Belief Board:

I Believe…

  • What do you believe about the afterlife? Souls? Ghosts? Reincarnation?
  • What are your moral beliefs? What do you believe about right and wrong? Truth? What are your deepest values? What platitudes do you subscribe to?
  • What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life? What are your biggest regrets? What words of wisdom would you pass along to future generations?
  • What are your religions/spiritual beliefs? Do you believe in God? Creationism vs. Evolution? Heaven & Hell? Faith? Spirituality? Psychology? New Age/Metaphysics? What do you believe about other people’s religions?
  • Do you believe in fate or predestination? Why are you/we here? What is our purpose?
  • What are your politics? What causes do you strongly believe in? How do you feel about the planet? Education? Money? Health? What do you believe about different races? Upper/lower classes? Different cultures & countries?
  • What do you believe about friends & relationships? Family? Children? Love? Sex? Soulmates?
  • What do you believe about Auras/Chakras? Energy? Aliens & government conspiracies?

What beliefs do you have
that you normally wouldn’t tell others?

What is your declaration about yourself?

Tell us below…


Add Your Insights


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