The Journey Inward is back, with a brand new look!!! And some new features as well.

Now, ANYONE can create a group for free, add their group to the group listings (like YELP for groups) and utilize all the amazing group features, like:

  • Training ~ Learn how to create/run any kind of group (mastermind, support, etc.)
  • Video Chat ~ Integrated free group ZOOM rooms (for lessons, check-ins, masterminds, etc.)
  • Self-Improvement Tools ~ Group goal tracking, planning, completion, sharing & more
  • Group Forum ~ Members can get support from you (&/or your coaches) or each other around your custom topics
  • Mass Messaging ~ Send updates to your entire group any time (new products, group events, ZOOM calls, etc.)
  • Group Listing ~ Anyone visiting can see your group “sales page” to find out more about your group, & help grow your membership
  • Check out all group features here..

If you have a Support group, Mastermind, or any type of group that meets regularly and you want to host it somewhere with all the features of a Facebook group (& more!), but without all the distractions…. somewhere with built-in incentives for your members, come join The Journey Inward.


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