I’ve attended events, conferences, retreats, seminars and service projects: I have had these epiphanies, self-realizations, experiences of pure service, presence and connection, and then I will go home and feel this ‘event high’ for a week or so, but sooner or later I begin to feel isolated and unsupported, fall back into old habits, and I’m suddenly right back where I started.

There are countless people striving to stay committed to their personal growth, stay connected to their own potential, and failing to keep that connection going because they do not have a supportive group of like-minded people they can reach out to for help and encouragement.

TheJourneyInward.com provides support and inspiration for people who are looking for more meaning and connection in their lives. We will create and support a community of people that are interested in going within. This will be a place where people can contribute and benefit from the lessons of their peers; where introspective people can feel like they belong; where people can find other like-minded individuals to connect with, and get support on whatever they’re working on. Have philosophical discussions; join a support group around health, or facing your fears, or relationships; find a friend who will hold them accountable to their commitments to themselves… in short, a place where we can journey inward, together.


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