Here are some of the new features you can expect to see in The Journey Inward in 2020:

  • App ~ Members can participate in groups through our App
  • Journaling ~ Members can journal about their experiences along the way
  • Digital Goal-Planner ~ Plan/track your goals & achieve your dreams!
  • Encouragement ~ Send encouragement to others
  • Podcasts ~ Add your podcast to the site for members to subscribe to
  • Experts/Coaches ~ Showcase your products/services on your profile
    • E-Courses ~ Create/sell your Online Courses on The Journey Inward
    • Training Programs ~ Create Training Certification Programs for your members
    • Moderator Rewards ~ Reward members for group management & moderation 
    • Micro-Communities ~ Create a Members Area using sub-groups
    • Virtual Events ~ Host your virtual events on The Journey Inward
    • Paid Groups ~ Charge members to be a part of your group(s)


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