No matter what I hear, or what anyone tells me, I always try and remember that there is no definitive source for the truth of my life and my experience, save one: Myself. 

Someone I completely trust could tell me the absolute truth about what is going to happen to me for the rest of my life, and if I truly believe them, then they would be right. Not because they said so, but because I let them decide my future.

If, in that moment I looked inside myself and felt (not out of fear or denial) that what they were saying was not true for me, then that is the voice I should listen to, because it comes from within.

No one has “the answers.”

The moment you hand your life over to anyone, no matter their qualifications, you forfeit your freedom to create your own reality.

Most people are afraid to look inside themselves for answers. They’re afraid it won’t work, or that it would be wrong, or that maybe they don’t measure up to the task of deciding what’s right for themselves.

What I want most for you in this world is to trust yourself, and realize that you already know the right path in any situation: Follow your heart and your intuition,it will never steer you wrong.


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