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If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.
~ Marc Anthony

To take a stand is to risk losing everything. Know that, and stand anyway.
- Trevor Thomas
If I look at the mass I will never act. If I look at the one, I will.

- Mother Theresa

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All meaningful and lasting change starts from the inside.

- Lou Tice
When you are gone, let the world be dimmed by your absence, so that others will take notice and turn up their own lights to compensate.

- Trevor Thomas
If you are running up a mountain, it is okay to give up, just so long as your legs keep moving.

- Dan Millman
If you're not riding the wave of change... You'll find yourself beneath it.

- Martin Luther King Jr.
Things do not change; we change.

- Henry David Thoreau


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