Areas of Personal Growth

Choose 8-10 areas that you want to work on and list them here (prioritize by their importance to you).

Rate each area from 0-100%, in terms of how fulfilled you currently feel in each area (show that rating by moving the “Progress bar” for each area).

We will use these as a visual representation of your current progress around your Goals (you can edit these areas at any time to show your progress).

“You have within you right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you.”

~ Brian Tracy


  • Abundance
    Money, Prosperity and Finances
  • Self
    Happiness, Spirituality, Self-Confidence and Beliefs
  • Relationships
    Love, Family, Friends and Social Life
  • Education
    School, Learning and Wisdom
  • Career
    Skills, Work and Crafts 
  • Creativity
    Inspiration, Imagination and Art
  • Motivation
    Purpose, Passion and Achievements
  • Health
    Fitness/Diet, Energy and Meditation
  • Play
    Hobbies, Activities and Fun
  • Service
    Giving Back, Volunteering and Philanthropy

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