The Planner Package

Each Planner includes these items to help guide you on your path

  • Embossed Binder ~ Protect this investment in yourself with a stylish, durable faux-leather binder with clasp
  • 180 Pages ~ Includes everything you need for 1 year of planning and achieving your dream life!
  • ‘Reminders’ Book ~ Gain valuable insights and get inspired on your journey
  • 30 Reminder Cards ~ These convenient cards will help you track and visualize your short and long-term goals
  • Online Community ~ Connect with other Planner users and get ongoing support for your Planner goals
  • Accessories ~ A high-quality Pen, Bookmark and Stickers are also included

Planner Sections

The Planner is divided into six sections to guide you through the process of manifesting your goals

1. Inspiration

What is your passion? Where do you desire change and growth in your life? In this section you will identify and clarify the areas you are inspired to transform. With this knowledge you can then focus on achieving those dreams.

2. Goals

Goals are manifested through passion and commitment to making lasting change in your life. Turn your inspiration and desire for growth into real, obtainable goals that will immediately set you on the path to creating the life you envision.

3. Milestones

This section contains a 12-month calendar for you to map out and track your progress towards your goals and their milestones. This gives you a bird’s-eye view of each goal, which will help you manage your weekly action steps much more effectively.

4. Steps

Break down your larger goals and milestones into a short-term, weekly format. This allows you to create daily action steps, and to see how each small change brings you closer to your vision!

5. Completion

This section allows you to look back on the progress you have made, reflect on your achievements along the way, and gain new insights around future possibilities.

6. Notes

Use this section to write down your progress, setbacks and accomplishments, and to journal about your feelings and experiences through your journey of self-discovery.

Online Community

Go beyond the Planner for inspiration,
encouragement & support in a global community

This Planner connects directly with a FREE Online Community designed to help you get the most out of the Planner process. Get inspired as you find and share meaningful stories and quotes. Connect with like-minded individuals across the globe and receive support along your journey of self-discovery.

As you work your way through the steps of the Planner, the Online Community will connect you with other Planner users. By forming connections with this unique community of people, all working on their own Steps and Milestones, you have an instant resource and opportunity to be supported in reaching your personal Goals.

The path to self-discovery can be overwhelming at times as you seek out more meaning and connection in your everyday life. This global community will be available at the click of a button to provide inspiration, encouragement and support. Whether you desire to dive into a philosophical discussion, share accountability, explore a healthy lifestyle, or face your fears while developing positive and lasting relationships in your life, the website will have something for everyone that will connect to your unique journey.

Get the Planner

Order this one-of-a-kind, life-changing Planner to begin your journey!

The Planner & Online Community both assist you in creating positive changes in your life, while providing you with the tools and support needed to sustain those changes in the future. Now is the time to allow yourself the freedom to find your Inspiration, create your Goals, track your Milestones and Steps, and ultimately realize your Dreams!


9.5″ x 7.5″ x 1.5″ (1 lb.)

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A helpful, hopeful tool… For someone like me who’s big on ideas & short on organizational skills, the planner feels like hope. It’s like having a coach with me to help keep me inspired and focused. Thank you for creating this helpful tool!

~ Jannirose F.

“Delightful! I love this little book. It’s filled with thoughtful questions and organized in a way that helps me prioritize what’s REALLY important in my life, rather than what’s just urgent. I highly recommend this planner to those seriously interested in making real strides in realizes their goals and dreams!

~ Elizabeth C.

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  • Inspiring (adding inspiration & insights)
  • Supporting (sharing, encouraging, forum posts)
  • Improving (planner, journaling & groups)




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