02/11/2021 - 02/13/2021
9:00 am

Where are your clients spending their time and Where do they engage in content and information that interests them the most?

When you can answer this question then not only can you find more clients but you can serve those clients in the best possible way. The good news is this place is pretty much the same for any expert, author, speaker, coach or entrepreneur. The answer is…

On their phones and inside of apps! There are four reasons why a mobile app is becoming critical for your business right now:

  1.  First, is the reality shared above… this is where your clients are spending most of their time.

  2.  Now more than ever the digital space is crowded with everyone doing the same thing competing for time and engagement from the same people. You need to be unique and attract those clients in different ways.

  3.  An app allows you to step outside this crowded competitive space and offer your entire business in one place to your existing clients and appeal in a new, exciting and more effective ways to new potential clients.

  4. Apps will soon become as common as websites and those that get in early will have the advantage over the masses that are bound to come in sooner than later.

We are bombarded daily with opportunities to learn how to market our business online and become a successful digital businesses but rarely do we get ideas that are unique, refreshing and exciting to be a part of.  There is so much information and competition out there on how to do all the typical marketing ideas – events, courses, webinars, social media, summits, books, email marketing, or you name it.

But how often do you come across an idea and approach to marketing that VERY few marketers are actually doing and is proven to generate up to 200% better results than these other approaches?  RARE!

In this event you’ll learn how having your own mobile app answers this need and how you can overcome the two biggest obstacles for a business to move into this space – How and Cost.

The Co-Founder of App Bros Design, Robert Evans, will lead you on a journey to explore the fastest growing technology ever and the most effective marketing platform for the education and expert marketplace.

You’ll learn…

  • Why Apps, Why Now – the benefits of being early adopter

  • How to build a big list and use push notifications to get up to 200% better engagement than email

  • How to run a virtual EVENT through your app

  • How to run a virtual SUMMIT through your app

  • How to turn physical products into viral marketing tools

  • How to create, launch and market ecourses in your app and build your own elearning center

  • How to create and launch a virtual summit but have it delivered through your app to get 10x or better results

  • How to use your app to add value to your JV partners and get them sending traffic to your app

  • How to use your app to support your affiliate program, offering your affiliates better ways to market your programs

  • How to create a membership program and create monthly recurring income

  • How to use your app to provide client support and delivery of ALL of your content and programs through the app

  • How to leverage ready to go content, known as PLR content, to keep your app fresh and create income streams you get to keep 100% of.

  • AND MUCH MORE!  The value of this information is game changing!

Go here to register – http://mmlevent.com



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