The Mastery of Learning ~ Audio


Learn to Love to Learn


Running time (1:15:12), tracks 5-9 & 11 are key exercises

  1. (10:22) Intro 
  2. (10:16) Exercise 1.1
  3. (13:34) Intro to Exercise 8.1, ReLAX & ReTAIN
  4. (07:10) Intro to Exercise 8.2, ReCALL & ReTURN
  5. (04:48) ReLAX Exercise
  6. (10:08) ReTAIN Exercise
  7. (00:32) ReTAIN Conclusion
  8. (07:34) ReCALL Exercise
  9. (02:52) ReTURN Exercise
  10. (01:54) Intro to Ex. 9.1
  11. (02:07) Exercise 9.1–the Net of Eir Visualization
  12. (03:13) Conclusion

The book begins with an overview of the seemingly extraordinary skills children are typically born with. Next it holistically explores what your mind/brain/body and visual capabilities are and how to determine your own personal learning style. Explanations are provided for how the unlimited potential you were as a child ended up being restricted and how to remove these limitations for yourself and your children. Developed are techniques that will enable you to reawaken perfect memory and recall at minimum reading rates of 25,000 words-per-minute so that you can read the page of a book in one second. The historical record is reviewed for people who have demonstrated the stellar abilities that this book says all of us can potentially attain and how you can incorporate these abilities into your daily life. Finally, the enormous potential these latent abilities hint at, both individually and collectively for mankind, is explored.

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