Solving your biggest pain of creating more
revenue with less time and effort

  • You aren’t sure what to do now “Business Triage”
  • You have so much content that you can’t deliver in real time and you aren’t scalable
  • Intangible deliverables take more time than you have and you want more efficient qualifying
  • You have done free launches before and can now turn them into one automated campaign
  • You want better marketing and sales without hiring a team (Virtual marketing team)
  • It’s a swiss army knife campaign tool (Survey monkey +, request a quote with a content management system and integrates with CRMs)


  • Spend your time using your expertise, not pitching it
  • Customizing the content based on your client’s input
  • Clarity on Key Performance Indicators
  • Find out your client’s greatest wants and needs
  • Repeatedly drive people to existing content
  • Generate Dynamic Outcomes and shows next step
  • Getting your clients a sample of the best content you have to offer
  • Easier and more effective content delivery
  • Discover * Assess * Recommend



Brand Marketing

Attract marketing agency clients for brand development, public relations, social and digital media strategy, creative, production and management.

User benefit: Provide ideas of things the visitor can do now — for free — to improve their brand marketing, based on a scorecard and assessment of their effectiveness in 6 key areas: image, employee engagement, public relations, thought leadership, social media and digital lead generation. Include a form to capture email address with offer of an ebook with more brand-building ideas.

Software Performance

Attract software developers and IT managers to request a demonstration of a cloud-based software testing service for high risk applications.

User benefit: Provide a scorecard and assessment of the risk of failure of installing a new software application, based on anticipated user load, performance requirements, application complexity and the user’s quality assurance methods and resources. Explain how the vendor’s testing solution mitigates their risks.

Author Services

Engage independent authors to visit and subscribe to a book publisher’s blog by recommending relevant posts to the reader.

User benefit: Determine blog posts that are useful to visting authors by asking short questions that profile their experience and issues of concern, then presenting links to relevant posts. Provide a subscription form and send subscriptions to Hubspot marketing automation platform for list management.



  • Inspiring (adding inspiration & insights)
  • Supporting (sharing, encouraging, forum posts)
  • Improving (planner, journaling & groups)




  • Detach from my abusive family - Completed: 02/09/2018
  • kug ouyg;iu gulygh - Completed: 05/31/2016

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