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This Planner will help you find your inspiration,
plan your goals and achieve your dreams!

The Journey Inward Planner is a tool that you can use to identify, manifest and experience your dream life. It assists you throughout the year as you find your inspiration, create your goals, plan and track your milestones and steps, and ultimately realize your dreams!

The Planner also connects with our FREE Online Community where you can find inspiring quotes and stories, share some of your most meaningful stories and sayings from your life, and find support from like-minded individuals and groups who are interested in self-discovery.


Author Bio

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Trevor Thomas is the author of ‘Reminders’ From the Soul, and creator of The Journey Inward Planner & Online Community. He is an international speaker and coach on Creating Support & Sustainable Change. (Extended Bio…)


  • The Heart & Soul Healing Summit ~ Step Into Your BIGness!
    “Step Into Your BIGness” is a reminder that we are all greater and grander than we imagine ourselves to be. Trevor shares his inner journey around accepting his size as a gift, finding answers within himself, connecting with his true essence & ultimately stepping into his own ‘bigness,’ and giving people tools to do the same in their own lives.
  • The January Jones Show ~ The Journey Inward
    Meet Trevor Thomas: “I speak about building support systems and creating lasting changes in our lives. This has led me to my new global project, which I’m very excited about… It’s called The Journey Inward is a custom planner process, coupled with a unique Online Community system that is set to revolutionize the entire self-improvement industry!” This show was broadcast live on W4CY Radio – part of Talk 4 Radio on the Talk 4 Media Network.
  • “The Happy Hour” Radio Show ~ The Journey Inward
    The “High on Life” Coach Audra Erwin & special guest Trevor Thomas discuss their personal Transformational life journeys that led them to create platforms to assist others on their journeys. Trevor shares with us the online support community he has recently developed. His Journey Inward Project is a place to connect with others & receive personal accountability, support & is a wonderful resource for inspiration (on The Happy Hour radio show with Audra Erwin).










 Planner Photos (Hi-Res)



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  • Inspiring (adding inspiration & insights)
  • Supporting (sharing, encouraging, forum posts)
  • Improving (planner, journaling & groups)




  • Detach from my abusive family - Completed: 02/09/2018
  • kug ouyg;iu gulygh - Completed: 05/31/2016

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