The Planner Package

Each Planner includes these items to help guide you on your path

  • Embossed Binder ~ The planner offered is a 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 planner in a black Leather or Faux-Leather binder (very high quality) with embossing and 200+ pages of planning pages. We decided to produce it this way so that you can add to the binder with refill pages whenever you want, plus it makes it look much nicer!
  • The Live Your List Mini-Book ~ This mini-book is an amazing guide. It’s 32 page, FULL color, 4″x 5.5″ in size and contains the first section of the Planner, which explains the concept of Living Your List, why it works and how it can transform your life. The mini-book contains pages in the back to actually start creating your list. You’ll get a minimum of 5 mini-books so you can keep one for yourself and give four away. These make great gifts!
  • Accessories ~ High-quality pen & namecard are also included

Get the Planner

lyl_plannerWe call it a planner because it’s “like” a daily planner, but instead you are planning your dream life by focusing on the juiciest, most exciting things in life you’d like to experience and then putting energy towards making those experiences happen.

This planner WILL give you clarity and energy and it will take your dreams from your “mental list” and put them into an organized space that helps you turn them into a REALITY.  Here are three incredible benefits of using this planner:
  • You will get clear on how you would like to live your life and what you truly want to experience; NOW not at the end of life before you “kick the bucket”
  • You’ll discover how powerful you are; a power that all people have but don’t always discover or use (successful people do)
  • You’ll get excited about your future and have something to focus on – this is great because it pulls you out of your comfort zones and helps get you “unstuck”. 

This is our regular planner for an individual to plan their dream life.

Faux Leather

$50Read more

Designed for up to a family of 5 to plan their own lists, while also capturing & planning family experiences.

Faux Leather

$50Read more

The greatest gifts you can give a teen is the belief they can achieve anything, & the gift of focus & organizing their dream life (co-designed by Jamie Baudizzon, family/kids therapist for over 20 years).

Faux Leather

$50Read more

A 2-in-1 planner where 2 people can plan their individual dreams while combining them to create an extraordinary life together.

Faux Leather

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