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Landmark Education
Offers “The Landmark Forum” and advanced programs on relationships, communication, productivity, leadership and more.

“Flatland,” by Edwin A. Abbott
This book taught me about perspective, and the idea that there is so much more to this universe than we could imagine. If we can just step outside of our pre-conceived notions about now things are, who knows what we might become?

Onsite Workshops
Providing therapeutic & personal growth workshops that address core, underlying issues that keep us stuck in dysfunctional patterns.

Mankind Project
Supporting men in leading meaningful lives of integrity, accountability, responsibility, and emotional intelligence.
What backed the money was not gold or something of intrinsic value, but rather the collective belief that money had value because it had to have such value. Thus it was that the monetary system of the United States and every other country in the world was entirely an exercise in psychology, A thing of the mind, and as a result, so was every other aspect of the American economy. If money was simply a matter of communal faith, then so was every thing else.

- Tom Clancy
All meaningful and lasting change starts from the inside.

- Lou Tice


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