Most Self-Help programs have no
long-term support 
in place for participants

Personal-Growth industry Speakers, Coaches, Authors & Organizations…
One of the most difficult things about planning an “event” is figuring out how to connect with and retain your audience after it’s over. Without a good support system your participants can begin to lose touch with their goals, and fall back into old habits and ways of thinking.

For most people, the connection with their audience ends there… but what if you could keep them actively engaged with you and each other well after your event, and with minimal time and effort on your part?

Our Custom “Journey Inward” Community is a unique online community system that keeps your audience actively engaged and supported around your content. There’s nothing like what we’ve created out there right now at this scale, and it can really help expand your outreach to include additional tools & resources, along with long-term community support.
[vc_icon_list][vc_icon_list_item icon=”nt-icon-ok” title=”Your audience can find inspiration, encouragement & support with their goals around YOUR message“][vc_icon_list_item icon=”nt-icon-ok” title=”Interact with & grow your outreach simply & easily (gives you an active, self-sustaining community of “primed,” dedicated consumers for new products or events)“][vc_icon_list_item icon=”nt-icon-ok” title=”Includes Facebook-level functionality (+ journaling, goal-planning/rewards, video-conferencing, forums, support groups & more)“][vc_icon_list_item icon=”nt-icon-ok” title=”Works for teleconferences, courses, workshops, webinars, live (or online) events, retreats, support/study/meetup groups & masterminds“][vc_icon_list_item icon=”nt-icon-ok” title=”Can be a huge upgrade from a Facebook group (passive, unfocused, difficult to market to) or NING network (complicated, requires a lot of moderation/management)“][/vc_icon_list]
[vc_icon_box title=”Your best customers are the ones you already have.”]

Join James Twyman, Bill Kauth & Robert Evans (+ other industry leaders),
and get in on the ground floor of a revolutionary new Personal Growth movement

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Online Community

The Journey Inward ~ Community includes a private, custom Members Area where your audience can connect with each other online in an active community and get ongoing support around your content (while keeping them engaged with your message on a more constant basis).

Located within our unique peer-to-peer support system, this community is designed to let you interact with your audience and grow your outreach simply and easily.

[vc_icon_box title=”How will this increase your revenue?“]
[vc_icon_list][vc_icon_list_item icon=”nt-icon-signal” title=”The probability of selling to existing customers is 60-70% (vs. 5-20% for new prospects)“][vc_icon_list_item icon=”nt-icon-megaphone-1″ title=”Market your products/events to an active community of dedicated consumers (increases click-through rate on messages)“][vc_icon_list_item icon=”nt-icon-basket” title=”Create natural sales funnels for your products & events (using integrated “Gamification” & mass-messaging features)“][vc_icon_list_item icon=”nt-icon-chat-empty” title=”Free advertising through social media posts via your participants (tap into a younger audience!)“][/vc_icon_list]
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[vc_icon_box title=”Main Features:” style=”icon-left”]
[/vc_icon_box][vc_icon_box title=”Custom Community” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-lock-1″]A dedicated, editable, personalized Community Area for your group
[/vc_icon_box][vc_icon_box title=”Custom Content” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-doc-text-inv”]

Inspiring media and group discussion material created from your content

[/vc_icon_box][vc_icon_box title=”Sharing” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-chat-empty”]

Members can comment on posts/topics and share public posts on Social Media

[/vc_icon_box][vc_icon_box title=”Marketing” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-megaphone-1″]

You can market to your community directly whenever you want


[vc_icon_box title=”Your Audience Can:“]
[vc_icon_box title=”Create Inspiration” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-lightbulb-1″]

Post/comment on inspiring content and share on social media


[vc_icon_box title=”Get Support” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-users”]

Get peer-to-peer and coaching support in the community Forum


[vc_icon_box title=”Join Your Group” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-calendar-empty”]
Attend ongoing group calls, chats and video-chats around YOUR message


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