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Loree Cowling is the mom of an award winning young woman with Down Syndrome. Loree’s life is a reflection of her desire to be enhanced as Sydney’s mom and by every interaction. She holds an unwavering belief that changes in perception occur when we engage our knowledge, beliefs, and experiences alongside the wisdom of a compassionate heart.

She shares inspired conversations with audiences of all sizes in her roles as co-founder of SEE Uniqueness, Director of Women Talk Okotoks, an International Speaker & Author, member of the Evolutionary Business Institute, and host of Conscious Conversations. As an Intuitive Connection Strategist, she facilitates programs, conversations, and opportunities that build interactions with impact. Loree works with leaders and creators all over the globe ensuring they are equipped to build powerful and caring connections with self, family, and our wider communities.

Loree and Sydney host regular ‘I SEE U’ events on social media and in 2018 started the ‘Sydney’s Million’ movement inviting 1 Million people to celebrate and share their Uniqueness. They are creating a new language in which we can all be Curious, SEE Uniqueness and Celebrate each other!

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