Standard Features

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Inspiring media posts & group discussion material added (from your books, workbooks, etc.). You can add new inspiration, forum topics & group content whenever you want


[vc_gap size=”75″][vc_icon_box title=”Team Training” icon=”nt-icon-list-numbered”]

We will train you and your staff, volunteers & coaches in the proper use of our system (additional support & training will be available through our Support Forum)

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[vc_gap size=”75″][vc_icon_box title=”Staff Support” icon=”nt-icon-help-circled”]Add coaches and/or staff to your community as group leaders or forum support (members can also get support/tutorials from the built-in Help Center)


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You (or your staff) can moderate & manage your community using our Community Manager (new upgrades/add-ons are FREE!)


Member Features

[vc_icon_box title=”Full Profile” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-user-1″]

Full Facebook-level functionality (wall, friends, groups, messages, etc.) + inspiration, interests, favorites, achievements & more!

[/vc_icon_box][vc_icon_box title=”Gamification” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-award”]

Rewards system (points, levels & badges) encourages members to participate, share & support each other (also reward your members with points product/event discounts & more!)

[/vc_icon_box][vc_icon_box title=”Post, Share & Comment” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-chat-empty”]

Members can comment on posts/topics, share on Social Media, save their favorite posts or create their own!

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Custom Community

[vc_icon_box title=”Marketing” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-megaphone-1″]

Send messages & updates to your entire group any time (advertise your upcoming events & products, or group events such as calls & video or chat events)

[/vc_icon_box][vc_icon_box title=”Video Chat Room” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-videocam-1″]

Host video, audio or chat sessions with your group whenever you want!

[/vc_icon_box][vc_icon_box title=”Event Calendar” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-calendar-1″]

Built-in notifications/RSVP system around your upcoming group events (calls, chat sessions, video-conferences, etc.)

[/vc_icon_box][vc_icon_box title=”Forum” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-sitemap”]

Built-in forum where members can get support from you (&/or your coaches) or each other around your custom topics


Featured Messenger

[vc_icon_box title=”Your Bio” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-user-1″]

Your main bio, photo of you & website link

[/vc_icon_box][vc_icon_box title=”Open Group” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-users”]

Anyone can join this open group to find out more about you & help grow your following

[/vc_icon_box][vc_icon_box title=”Your Custom Message” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-pencil-squared”]

An editable “message from you” in the Member Login area

[/vc_icon_box][vc_icon_box title=”All Your Content” style=”icon-left” icon=”nt-icon-box”]

Links to all your inspiration, groups & affiliate products/events




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  • Inspiring (adding inspiration & insights)
  • Supporting (sharing, encouraging, forum posts)
  • Improving (planner, journaling & groups)




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