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Jerry Llewellyn

jerry“It is very rare to find people with the breadth and depth of experience that I have in sales management, marketing, and performance management. The heart of what I do is harnessing the talent, knowledge & energy of the company’s personnel to maximize their assets. To do this, I help each company create a robust marketing engine that feeds dynamic sales growth. Someone recently told me my strengths are creative thinking, finding lasting solutions, and developing powerful organizational structures. I have structured and restructured companies of all sizes. I’ve been part of upsizing and downsizing thousands of people. I guided a client’s management team in hiring 500 people in 2 weeks. I have managed sales & operations teams through pleasant and unpleasant takeovers, high-risk employment law suites, hostile EEOC actions, attempted labor union takeovers, regional & national performance management training, conflict resolutions, and everything else that goes with building successful integrated high performance cultures. Companies using my assistance and employing my recommended techniques for sales management, marketing, and operations management have reported reinvigorated personnel and profits increased by 15% to 600%. This is what I mean by ‘business wisdom made simple’.


  • Higher Revenue
  • Automated lead qualification = Higher efficiency systemwide
  • Show Them Your Value, Don’t Tell Them
  • Evergreen Content
  • Faster marketing
  • Organizing all your information for Easier Delivery
  • Better Market research
  • Better training
  • You aren’t sure what to do now “Business Triage”

Brand Marketing

Attract marketing agency clients for brand development, public relations, social and digital media strategy, creative, production and management.

User benefit: Provide ideas of things the visitor can do now — for free — to improve their brand marketing, based on a scorecard and assessment of their effectiveness in 6 key areas: image, employee engagement, public relations, thought leadership, social media and digital lead generation. Include a form to capture email address with offer of an ebook with more brand-building ideas.

Software Performance

Attract software developers and IT managers to request a demonstration of a cloud-based software testing service for high risk applications.

User benefit: Provide a scorecard and assessment of the risk of failure of installing a new software application, based on anticipated user load, performance requirements, application complexity and the user’s quality assurance methods and resources. Explain how the vendor’s testing solution mitigates their risks.

Author Services

Engage independent authors to visit and subscribe to a book publisher’s blog by recommending relevant posts to the reader.

User benefit: Determine blog posts that are useful to visting authors by asking short questions that profile their experience and issues of concern, then presenting links to relevant posts. Provide a subscription form and send subscriptions to Hubspot marketing automation platform for list management.

A helpful, hopeful tool… For someone like me who’s big on ideas & short on organizational skills, the planner feels like hope. It’s like having a coach with me to help keep me inspired and focused. Thank you for creating this helpful tool!

~ Jannirose F.

“Delightful! I love this little book. It’s filled with thoughtful questions and organized in a way that helps me prioritize what’s REALLY important in my life, rather than what’s just urgent. I highly recommend this planner to those seriously interested in making real strides in realizes their goals and dreams!

~ Elizabeth C.



  • Inspiring (adding inspiration & insights)
  • Supporting (sharing, encouraging, forum posts)
  • Improving (planner, journaling & groups)




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