Inquiry Method ~ Kyle Mercer


3 1/2-Day retreat with Kyle Mercer

Inquiry changes how you perceive,
understand, & inspire

At its’ root, Inquiry Method is the capacity to come to any conversation, challenge, or interaction with open curiosity and inquisitiveness rather than with answers, assumptions, and advice. Think about how often you assert your opinion, experience, and advice. Now, imagine those same interactions and you simply receive and hear what the other person is saying and let your curiosity rise up organically – what more do you want to know about the other person’s experience? Inquiry Method provides processes, practices and inquiry lenses that break through the obstacles to growth and mastery level living. It provides the bold shift in perspective and the set of tools that are needed to master our own level of participation so that we can become inspirational leaders in every aspect of our lives.

Kyle Mercer is an Executive & Personal Growth Coach, Teacher, and Mentor and Founder of Inquiry Method™.

What gives your life meaning? What is in the way of having more of it?
Interactions from a perspective of wonder and curiosity are the most powerful way to transform your relationships with other people. Inquiry simply changes how you perceive, understand, and inspire.
Our pain supports many of our interpretations of life, other people, ourselves and our role in life. By letting go of the pain we gain the opportunity to shift our interpretations.
What if your emotions were like an alarm clock? Every time you stuffed them or used a coping mechanism to avoid feeling them it would be like hitting the snooze alarm: peaceful for a moment, but you always know it will be coming around again until you finally wake up.
Perfection isn't found in everything going right, but rather in accepting the beauty of what's happening moment to moment.
To heal Self-Worth you must go back and accept every aspect of self that you were taught was unworthy.
Behind every struggle is an awareness that is waiting to come forth, an awareness that will wake you up to life, joy and aliveness. This is the path.
Stress is the measure of how far we have departed from living in alignment with our mind, body, and spirit: It is not to be managed, but listened to.
I hear people say that they want to 'be loved.' If we put the want to 'be loved' into present tense it becomes wanting to 'be love.'
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