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Our Support Forum is a place where you can start philosophical discussions; ask for support from your peers around health, or facing your fears, or relationships; get feedback from our coaches, and reply to others with your own insights. This is a place where we can all support each other on our Journey Inward.

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Creating Sanctuary, with Kyle Mercer

Please regard this site as a sanctuary both in how you participate, and how you receive the experience of being here.

As you contribute, the focus is on talking about yourself and not anybody else; you are here to grow and connect. The best way to interact on this site is to ask questions to deepen your (and the other person’s) understanding.

In everything we do here, the intent is to be safe: We will not criticize, embarrass or confront. Our interest is in recognizing and honoring each person and their experience, and in how we share the human experience.

Everything that is shared is honored in the spirit in which it is shared. We are looking for the uniqueness of each individual, and it is our intent to “blow wind in each other’s sails.”

We hold the privacy of each individual as a basic value; please do not share anything about anybody else that you discover here. Do not even approach anyone outside the forum about what they have shared without invitation from them.

We recognize that no sanctuary is perfect, but we will endeavor to become better and better at it with each interaction.

– Kyle Mercer
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